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This project started out as a type design project, with the intention of being an update on musical notation. The typeface has its origin in the "Futura-ND" by Paul Renner. OVERTURA is therefore a hybrid of the names "Futura" and "Overture", a musical term describing an instrumental introduction, choral or instrumental composition. OVERTURA is a geometric sans-serif typeface, which contains a whole letterset of the alphabet characters and also a whole set of notation characters, in order for composers to be able to write and design their sheet music with one single typeface. The typeface OVERTURA contains two cuts, Alphabeto (alphabet) and the Partitura (notation).

Alban Schelbert © 2009.

The Publication

The content of the project is a collection of four booklets. The booklet no.X is an “Overture” for piano, which is written and composed by my father Joseph Schelbert. The piece is intended for this project, in order to be the first musical piece that is set in the OVERTURA.

The following booklets, no.1-3, are music samples edited by me. My father would first write the music and then put it into visual notation. My intention was to start with the visual part, which then is followed by the musical part. The booklets consist of graphical shapes, patterns and images set in OVERTURA.

The Future

The project does not end here. The intention of the project is not to stay within the given boundaries, but rather continue its use in both a musical and visual direction with the development of new tools and methods.

For more information or to order the publication please write a mail to: this adress